Eight faced Shiva’s Idol – Lord Pashupatinath

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I would like to share some beautiful memories of my hometown ‘ Mandsaur (M.P)’ especially of Shiv Raatri. We celebrate this day to decorate Shiva idol and make 56 kinds of dishes to make lord happy.

Our town is very tiny place on earth but has great famous temple of 8 facet Lord Shiva Idol which was found on the banks of river shivna. It is believed that Lord Shiva himself came into the dream of Dhobi ( Clothe – Washer ) and said,  the stone on which you wash clothes is not an ordinary stone but it is me. Then the clothe washer revealed this fact among Mandsaurians and since then the temple came into existence.


Proud Citizen of the Mandsaur (M.P), India

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