How was Sati married to Lord Shiva?

How was Sati married to Lord Shiva?


The Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana is filled with famous stories of all the gods and divinities. That is why the Bhagavata is regard as god in itself. It is a theology in its own scope. To have Srimad Bhagavata in one’s house is to plant God Himself in the altar of one’s abided. In the fourth skandha we have the magnificent story of Siva and Sati, which will strike us with wonder and anxiety.


Sati means’ true’. She was the youngest daughter of the famous Prajapati (or patriarch) known as Daksha. She is also known as Daksyani and is a hindu goddess of marital felicity and long life. She is worshipped by all Hindu women for the long life of their husbands. She is the first companion of lord Shiva and second wife ‘Parvati’ (the reincarnation of sati). When she was born, her mind was completely dedicated to Lord Shiva. However her father was totally against such a bridegroom for her beloved daughter.


Once upon a time, the Goddess Sati, a personification of the divine female energy, took human birth at the suggestion of Brahma, the Lord of Creation. In asking the Goddess Sati to take human birth, Brahma’s plan was that she would entice Shiva with humble devotions bringing him out of his long meditation and marry him. It was apt that Sati, as a child, adored the tales and legends associated with Shiva and grew up as an ardent devotee.  From the time she was five all she wanted to do was to worship the great lord Shiva.  As Sati grew to maturity, the thought of marrying someone else, as projected by her father, became repugnant to her.  Every proposal from noble and rich kings made her crave the ascetic Shiva of Kailāsa even more. But all of her devotion brought the great god out of his long meditation.Sati appealed desperately, but her father remained unmoved.  Eventually, Lord Shiva appeared before Sati one day smitten with love and asked her to be his bride. Since then Sati, a self-willed, adamant girl, fell madly in love with him.


Her father, a King (Daksha Prajapathy), who never liked Shiva, advised her, endangered her with dire consequences, and ultimately threw her out of his palace.  Undeterred, the girl went to Lord Shiva and prayed to him, for their marriage. Thus, they became husband and wife; but their alliance was short lived.





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