‘Mantra and Tantra’

‘Mantra and Tantra’

Spirituality is a concept of finding ultimate inner self and the path that enables to discover the essence of his /her being. It is often felt as the source of inspiration or orientation in one’s life. It encompasses the belief in immaterial realities.  The Spiritual power and mind power have always fascinated the mankind and relates to spirituality. These are powers that come from within, and almost everyone possesses it to some degree. 

The spiritual history of India has acclaimed ‘Mantra and Tantra’, the path towards spirituality. It can be energised and strengthen in our daily life through dedicated ritual exercise such as yoga and meditation. The word “Mantra” is derived from Sanskrit words, ‘Manas’, which means ‘mind’ and ‘trai’, which means ‘free from’ in all it means ‘to free from the mind.’ It is energy sounds encapsulate in syllables which means ‘the combination of magical words and sound waves’. Our subconscious mind has collective consciousness of all the forms of primitive consciousness which exists in the physical and subtle bodies. The daily chant of mantra can dig into subconscious and crystallize the thoughts which are stored in our mind and transform them to repositories of peace. The force of mantra can be only felt cannot be explained in words. It is performed with faith and rituals, and hence it releases fruitful output. The vibrations created by sound waves causes’ desired effect in the body. It was originated from the tradition of Hindus and now becomes a practice in the religion such as Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. These are the key to spiritual growth, self- growth and life improvement.

 “Tantra” is also derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘tan’ which means ‘thread’, or ‘spread or expand’ and ‘tra’ which means ‘tool or instrument’.  It is the spiritual practice and rituals thus aim to bring about an inner realization of truth that explains “nothing exists which is not Divine”. Through tantric practice one can experience an expansion of consciousness and recognize the interlink of existence.  Tantra uses body’s energy as a fuel for spiritual development. Some most admired tantra vidyas are Mantra Muktavalii, Devirahasyam, Yogini Tantra, and Tattvananda Tarangini. As one rises higher on ladder of spirituality, one gets various ‘Siddhis’ (the power of perfection). This is the most admired position in the life from where everything is possible beyond human imagination and power.

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