Whenever we see or read of any miracles of supernatural power shown by human beings in India it is always done by Yoga.

What is this Yoga that gives such wonderful power, divine peace, longevity, etc.?

Yoga is the science of sciences, it is the way that leads to Godhood. “The Yoga we practice, is not for ourselves alone, but for humanity. Its object is not personal Mukti (liberation), although Mukti is a necessary condition of the Yoga, but the libration of the human race. It is not personal ananda (bliss), but the bringing down of the divine Ananda—Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven, our Satyayuga upon the earth”.—


—An excerpt from “The Yoga and Its Objects”.

“Humanity is evolving. Yoga is the means of carrying that evolution forward with great and victorious rapidity”, “Yogic Sadhan”.

“The goal marked out for us is not to speculate about these things but to experience them. The call upon us is to grow into the image of God, to dwell in Him and with Him and be a channel of His joy and might and an instrument of His works.

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