The Origin of Gayatri

Gayatri means ‘song or Hymn’, did you how know Gayatri came into existence is great mythological significance. You have heard the name of Narad, son of Lord Bhrama, a notorious god master in creating disputes among gods and demons. Once he thought to experiment his skill to put a fraction in his parents, lord Bhrama and goddess Savitri. He created the environment to provoke his mother Savitri against his father Bhrama so that his parents cannot sit together at the Hawan, the holy ritual to please the god.  Bhrama didn’t know anything about it. When Bhrama was waiting for Savitri at the Hawan place to start the Hawan, but Savitri didn’t show up at there.  At last Lord Bhrama created goddess Gayatri from Cow Dung and Married her to perform the Hawan. Knowing about Goddess Gayatri Goddess Savitri cursed Lord Bhrama that ‘Only Bhrama will be worshipped at Pushkar, not anywhere else in the world’.   

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