Significance of SatyaNarayan’s Katha and Pooja

Vishnu Pooja is also known as Satyanarayan Pooja

satyanarayan bhagwan ki katha

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Satyanarayan Katha is Hinduism’s ritual usually performed before any auspicious occasion such as Marriage, House inauguration, Child Birth etc. It can also be performed whenever any Indian family will achieve great success and to remove the vested trouble. Satayanarayan is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and believed that by offering puja to him will make goddess Lakshmi, his wife happy.

Vishnu Pooja ( Satyanarayan ji ki Katha) performance


Satnarayan Puja starts by Ganesh Puja, enchanting mantras to make an auspicious start. Lord Ganesha is the only god among gods, whose name and mantras have to enchant before puja or religious rituals. After enchanting Ganesha Mantras we offer him his favourate food ‘ Laddu’ round ball of wheat flour and sugar and rose petals.

performing Saatyanarayan katha by priest


After Ganesha puja, we perform Navgarha Puja [Nine planets puja] and at last we perform Lord Vishnu’s puja. We place him on the raised platform and clean platform on red color cloth. We offer him rose petals and fruits. Then we start the story of ‘Satyanarayan Bhagwan’ to tell the moral of the story, which is, ‘don’t leave any work in between, otherwise you have to suffer lot in your life’.

Satyanarayan Katha’ teaches us about self-purification, self –surrender, and truth because  ‘Satya’ means Truth, ‘Nar’ means Human Being and ‘Ayan ’a place where truth resides’. So anyone who listens the Katha will get the message of speaking truth and leave lies to get rid of all your tension.

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