To the Awakened India- Swami Vivekananda


(Written to Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India, in August 1898, when the journal was transferred from Madras to Almora Himalayas, into the hands of the Brotherhood founded by Swami Vivekananda.)


Once more awake! 
For sleep it was, not death, to bring thee life 
Anew, and rest to lotus-eyes for visions 
Daring yet. The world in need awaits, O Truth! 
No death for thee!


Resume thy march, 
With gentle feet that would not break the 
Peaceful rest even of the roadside dust 
That lies so low. Yet strong and steady, 
Blissful, bold, and free. Awakener, ever 
Forward! Speak thy stirring words.

Thy home is gone, 
Where loving hearts had brought thee up and 
Watched with joy thy growth. But Fate is strong — 
This is the law — all things come back to the source 
They sprung, their strength to renew.

Then start afresh 
From the land of thy birth, where vast cloud-belted 
Snows do bless and put their strength in thee, 
For working wonders new. The heavenly 
River tune thy voice to her own immortal song; 
Deodar shades give thee eternal peace.

And all above, 
Himala’s daughter Umâ, gentle, pure, 
The Mother that resides in all as Power 
And Life, who works all works and 
Makes of One the world, whose mercy 
Opens the gate to Truth and shows 
The One in All, give thee untiring 
Strength, which is Infinite Love.

They bless thee all, 
The seers great, whom age nor clime 
Can claim their own, the fathers of the 
Race, who felt the heart of Truth the same, 
And bravely taught to man ill-voiced or 
Well. Their servant, thou hast got 
The secret — ’tis but One.

Then speak, O Love! 
Before thy gentle voice serene, behold how 
Visions melt and fold on fold of dreams 
Departs to void, till Truth and Truth alone 
In all its glory shines —

And tell the world — 
Awake, arise, and dream no more! 
This is the land of dreams, where Karma 
Weaves unthreaded garlands with our thoughts 
Of flowers sweet or noxious, and none 
Has root or stem, being born in naught, which 
The softest breath of Truth drives back to 
Primal nothingness. Be bold, and face 
The Truth! Be one with it! Let visions cease, 
Or, if you cannot, dream but truer dreams, 
Which are Eternal Love and Service Free.


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