Why Karwa Chauth is celebrated?

Why Karwa Chauth is celebrated?

Karwa is the ‘earthen water pot’ and Chauth is the ‘fourth day of Krishna Paksh in the month of Kartik according to Hindu calendar.

It is the annual one-day festival celebrated by married women. Women keep full day fast for the safety and longevity of their husband. The fast is known as Upvaas or Vrat, in which devotees refrain themselves from food and water throughout the day.

 Before this day women buy puja items such as Karwa ( earthen pot), thali ( decorated plate), mattai (Home-made sweets),  henna (Mehendi), and Solah shringar (encompasses sixteen basic steps for the beautification of women from head to toe which include:  traditional cosmetic, jewelry, bangles, and anklets).

The Sargi is an essential part of pre-dawn meal which includes fenia (halva and dry fruits).Since sargi is to be given to women by her Mother-in-Law, but the Parents often send gifts to their married daughters and their children.

The fast begins before sunrise and ends after worshipping the moon at night. During this period women do not eat food and drink water. As the day passes, women apply henna on their hands, wear red sari (it is considered to be favorable colour) and get solah singar. In evening, ceremony is held during which women sit in a circle with their puja thali and perform worshipping the moon and singing the song collectively as they perform the feris (it is the process of passing their thalis around the circle). After that, generally elder women tell the story, specially ‘Veeravati’(it is famous story of Karwa Chauth).  After seeing moon women break their fast by galloping water which is offered by their husbands.

This festival is most popular in Northern Indian States:  Jammu and Kashmir, New Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, MP, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Traditionally, fasts are taken by women on karwa chauth but now days men too keep fast for their wive.   

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